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In The Waiting

There are some dreams you wait on for a moment. There are some dreams you wait on for a lifetime. At one time or another during our lives, we all find ourselves in a season like this. Right now we now we are in the waiting.

In the waiting for our adoption,

In the waiting for the community center,

In the waiting for a lot of God given desires we have in our hearts.

We’re stuck in between, on our way, but we’re not there yet.

Waiting can be one of the most difficult seasons to be in. Our hands want to be working and our feet want to be running, but God often says

“Not yet.

Wait on me.”

When I think about waiting, I think about being in college while I had the desperate desire to be on the mission field. It was always a burning passion of mine growing up and while I tried to tell my parents that I was ready to go out and save the world at the age of 17, they said that I needed to go to college first. (Which in hindsight is very great advice, go Mom and Dad!) So I waited through my four years, earned a degree and worked towards getting to Haiti.

It wasn’t long after being on the mission field that I realized this would be my life long calling. Long before Matthew and Gideon, I remember the night God first gave me the vision for starting a community center here in Haiti. It was springtime and unbearably hot, so I was laying on the cool tile floor with my notebook and Bible sprawled out in front of me. I began to dream about a safe place for at risk youth and children to come after school, where they could have opportunities that they wouldn’t normally get, like creative arts and discipleship. I knew it would be a ministry that wouldn’t focus on just one need of a child, but all their needs. Physical. Emotional. Spiritual. I pictured a space with brightly painted walls and laughter and singing. This was the dream God gave me, and it’s one I’ve never been able to shake. There were a few different times I tried to make this dream happen, but every time the door was closed.

“Not yet, wait on me.”

When Matthew and I were dating, I asked if he would ever be interested in starting a non profit like this together. Without even a pause, he said “That would be great!” Suddenly the God given desire I had kept hidden became “our” dream. Matthew is talented in so many ways that are different than mine. When we are doing ministry together, we make a great team. After that, we began to wait and pray until last spring when we found God calling us to the Southern part of Haiti.

The past few months as we’ve dreamed and planned for the future, we are also waiting in the present. In this season, I’ve discovered the Devil can so easily whisper lies that we need to fight against believing.

“God’s forgotten about you.”

“Maybe this isn’t going to happen.”

“I think you didn’t hear God right.”

At times, waiting is a beautiful dance. You can feel the hope of the Lord and the assurance of the plans He has for your life. Other times, waiting is more of a begrudging stumble. Thank goodness there is grace for us, even when we’re not graceful. One of the most encouraging promises to me that I am praying over our lives is Philippians 1:6.

"Be confident of this, that HE who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion."

Maybe you’re waiting on something today too.

An adoption. A loved one to start their relationship with God. A big dream or vision God has placed deep down in your soul. Whatever it is, know that this season is NOT in vain. You are not forgotten. Whatever God has started in you, He will see it through. This is what He has promised to us. So take heart, and don’t give up hope in the waiting.


This is part of the story of why we are so passionate about ministering to the teens and children of Haiti by opening a community center. We couldn't have made it this far on our journey without the goodness of God and the faithfulness of our supporters back home. If you would like to dream alongside us, prayerfully consider supporting us through one of the options below:

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