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Inside Out

It’s been a chaotic time in our world lately. In Haiti, we’ve been dealing with a lot in the past month: gas & diesel shortages, political parties calling for the president to resign, roadblocks that force you to stay at home. It’s not exactly what I would describe as a peaceful time. Instead we have a lot of complex problems with no clear cut answers.

And yet, I feel more peace about being where we are than I have in the past five years of living in Haiti. Even in the midst of some very stressful days and tense moments, the Lord has made my soul deeply content to be here.

It’s not a peaceful time, but I have still found peace.

I find it in conversations about the beach cleanup with our neighbor, whose smile is so bright you can’t help but be happy too.

I find it in the sweet giggles at the gate, as our friends often ask Gideon to come out and play, once or twice a day.

I find it when I hear a random “What’s up?” yelled across the street, with a friendly wave from the students in our English class.

My sister said it best the other day:

Is your peace coming from the outside in? Or from the inside out?

Truthfully, if our peace is dependent on what is happening around us, than we won’t find much of it here in our world. Instead, we were built to be peacemakers, to bring peace from the inside out. We were made to walk into the darkness and chaos with the confidence of our hope in Christ. Despite what is happening to us, we create our own peace when we live life honestly with those around us and when we can give up our struggles and fears to the Lord. I can say this because I have had to live it out in my own life. Real peace doesn’t come from things that makes us happy or easy seasons in our life. It comes from trusting and believing that the Lord will provide, from knowing that no matter how bad our days get here on Earth, there is something better coming. Until then, God gives us people to walk through these moments with. Life can be heavy, too heavy to carry on our own sometimes. What I’ve found is that the load is manageable when it’s shared, that God gives us community to lighten our load.


May you be a peace MAKER.

May you be a joy GIVER.

And may the hope of Christ take such deep root in your heart that you are transformed from the INSIDE OUT because we were never meant to live with the weight of the world on our shoulders. When we dare to see the world through each other’s eyes, the load gets lighter, and we may even be able to create peace in the most unexpected places.

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