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Updated: Dec 16, 2017

Posted: April 3, 2017

I have a book full of prayers in both English and Kreyol, right now it’s my favorite book and I love to read from it almost everyday. The other day I happened to read this prayer…

“Senye, Nou pa keyi mango sou pye zaboka

e nou pa jwen mayi sou pye bannann. Se nou ki fe sa nou ye. Ede nou fe sa ke ou bezwen.”

“Lord, We don’t get mangos from an avocado tree

and we don’t get corn from the banana plant. We produce what we are.

Help us to be what you need produced.”

This prayer couldn’t be more true as I sat down awhile ago to try and hem a pair of pants. Twenty minutes later, they were worse than when I had started and I had accidentally stabbed myself with the needle more times than I could count. Fun fact: I cannot sew. Immediately I thought of the ladies and our sewing boss and how talented they are. They have the ability to take scrap pieces of random cloth and turn it into an amazing handbag by the end of the day. Sewing is one of their gifts. It’s in the skill set God gave them. As for me? Not so much.

Our first instinct is to be intimidated when we see others excelling in areas we don’t. A twinge of jealousy starts and we can feel this crazy desire to prove our worth, to prove that we are just as good as they are.  Insecurity and pride can be isolatingt. It’s all too easy to focus on the gifts we are lacking but we were never meant to work alone. We come together as a mosaic, each of us bringing our own gifts and talents to the table. Instead of focusing on what gifts we lack, when we work together as the body of Christ should–in love joy and peace–even a bunch of broken looking pieces can create a masterpiece.  God has given us everything we need to advance His kingdom and we can usually find it working alongside our neighbor. What beautiful scenery when our world is filled with avocado trees, mango trees and apple trees. A world full of banana trees would be a boring place.

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