• Laura

Seize The Day

Things have been crazy since we hit the ground running here in Jacmel and the transition has been a little bit rougher than we anticipated. From issues with the property that our landlord didn’t tell us about to a few incredibly hot days without electricity and a car that wouldn’t start, we had our hands full. We were already walking into this tired from things we had to handle before the move, and the issues above have made the past few days highly stressful. Stepping away from the familiar and into the unknown, I find my prayer life increasing as each day is an ongoing conversation to the Lord for guidance. Despite all of the challenges, more than ever I feel peace in my heart that we are where God has called us to be for so long. I’ve already learned so much about how life is a lot different living in a more rural community than Port au Prince, and the challenges and benefits that come with that. We’ve been running around trying to solve the problems that arise, on little sleep and patience, while it is obvious the enemy doesn’t want us here. Sometimes life is just hard. Even when it’s good, it can be hard.

There are a lot of things we take for granted in North America that are very different here in Haiti. There aren’t stable systems for things like electricity, running water and drinking water, disposing of trash and even getting cash. The closest ATM is about 35 minutes away and often times “out of order.” In most places, you have find answers yourself or depend on the community around you and God has been slowly putting the right people in our path to help us figure all of this out.

Wednesday was an especially long day. The errands we tried to run didn’t really get accomplished, there was a broken water pipe that needed to be fixed and we were still waiting for the electrician to come. Not our happiest of times. I sat and prayed a lot on our porch as the skies began to rumble and the dark clouds rolled in. As I went to the roof to open the top of our reservoir, I thanked God even though the pipe wasn’t fixed, some rain water might help fill it again. Life was feeling rather heavy, as it does when you are growing and stepping out of your comfort zone. The to-do list was rather long and more was being added to it each day than I could possibly accomplish, but I am going through the list in my head of all the amazing things God has done to get us here and trying to stay positive. All of a sudden, I hear giggles and splashing coming from our driveway. I look down to see Matthew and Gideon drenched, chasing each other around the yard with buckets of water. At the point where they start jumping up and down in muddy puddles (Gideon’s dream come true, thank you Peppa Pig), I come down to join the party.

We laughed, we danced, we ran around like fools. When we were finished, absolutely none of our problems had been solved. Nothing was crossed off the to-do list. Yet, we were able to seize the day and be joyful instead of defeated. Having joy in the midst of trials doesn’t always mean that our circumstances change, our attitude and the way we approach them does. No matter what our circumstances are, there will always be a change to choose joy, even on your most difficult days.

May you be humble enough to ask for help from those around you.

May you be graceful enough to trust the Lord in the process.

May you have the strength to seize it, to find joy in it.

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